Amazed by Jay!

Thursday night I was (once again) amazed and touched by how sensitive Jay is to me. I came home Thursday night, after a rather stressful day, and was in a mood. We walked for a while, which I thought would help, but I was still in a mood. Internet was out, and I was still in a mood. (Internet being out was a blessing though, I wouldn't have been the positive person that I normally am!) I wasn't feeling well, but it was really weird because nothing really hurt or anything, I just was "off." I am rarely like that, but Thursday was just one of those days.

So, Jay and I went for a walk and came home. After eating dinner, we cuddled. He knew something was up, so we just cuddled. It melted my heart how sensitive he was, even though he couldn't say a word. We cuddled until about 9, and headed upstairs to sleep.

We began the night with him sleeping at my feet. That's normal for him, and I was so tired it really worked out well because I didn't have to move over or anything for the little guy. Around 4am I awoke sick to my stomach. After going to the restroom, I climbed back in bed, and he moved up to be cuddled beside me. He knew I was sick, I really believe that! I said, "Thanks, Jay." I said a prayer for sleep, and it happened. I got up a couple more times, and Jay was right there. He knew. I LOVE that. Being single+being sick is often tough. Jay just cuddled.

I awoke feeling lethargic, but made it through the school day (Friday) just fine.

All thanks to some prayer, and a little furry kid named Jay.