and i've finally started grading the essays.

so, punky's essay definitely had no citations. lovely. so, she's already angry with me because somehow it's my fault she took her cellphone off the desk and then lied about it. now i can only give her half-credit on her essay. i really don't want to. *contrary to popular belief, i don't take joy in students' failures*. but i told the students if they don't cite their information, that i would have to take it as plagerism, and they'd have to re-write their essay for half-credit. i feel that i can't go back on that because students will feel they can take advantage of me.
i wonder if it was anyone besides punky if i'd even really be worried about it...i just feel like she's not going to see her mistake. she's just going to think i'm out to get her.

any suggestions on how to handle this?