Today I had a student make a decision that has had me pondering all evening. My students were given a writing assignment for homework last night. Most of the students in that group are good at bringing homework back. I explained to the students that the students who turned in their work would get ten minutes of free time at the end of class while everyone else worked on their work.

Upon initial entry to my room, Billybob told me that he didn't do it. I told him that was fine, he would have time at the end of class to do it. I went on with class, and when Billybob learned about ten minutes of Game Time, he said, "It is done, it's in my classroom." I was skeptical, but Billybob doesn't typically lie to me, so I let him go. He returned with a paper that was clearly an assignment for his other class. When I told him that, he told me that it really was the assignment I had given. When I showed him the red ink pen mark from the other teacher, he still stated it was the correct assignment. Then I flipped it over and found other work on it. THEN, he fessed up. I was frustrated, but didn't really have time at that moment to deal with it. I let him know that he would have to do his work during Game Time. He was silent during the lesson time. I enjoyed the quiet, but wished it hadn't taken that to get him quiet. He worked during game time to get EVERYTHING done.

After class, I walked back to class with him and it was confirmed that the assignment was from his other class. He showed zero emotion. Which is fine. I let his parent know, and that is that.

The thing is, I have thought about Billybob all evening. I remember being a kid and lying to my teachers. (I hate to admit that, but well, it's true.) I don't remember repeatedly lying, but I do remember telling a lie after I had forged my Dad signature on something because I didn't want to let them down. I would like to think that was Billybob's logic, not to let me down. The thing is, I don't think that was it. I think he just wanted game time & didn't want to work during class today. He's a neat kid, and a smart kid. Somewhere in the back of his mind he planned that out. That breaks my heart.

As the evening has progressed, it has been my hope and prayer that this experience will teach him the lesson he needs (Just as forging my Dad's signature taught me mine.) today so that he won't try this later in life when it will REALLY get him into trouble. He's got SO MUCH potential.

By the end of that class period, I was glad we have a three-day weekend. I think everyone needs time to rest and have a break. I know I do.