Chocolate is dangerous...

As I was sitting at my desk during my prep, I opened my desk drawer to get staples and found a box of Fannie Mae chocolates that I'd forgotten about over break. You can guess how surprised I was. (And by "surprised," I mean I was tearing into that box of chocolates like there was no tomorrow.)

They were Trinidads, my favorite. I ate one, which took me a bit of time because I have a very specific way of eating Trinidads: I eat off the white chocolate coating, then I eat the dark chocolate inside. Anyway, I finished my first one and picked up my red pen to continue grading (yes, political incorectness aside...I still use red). And the chocolates sat there and mocked me. They were calling my name and laughing at me.

So, I ate another one...and another.

That's why I should stick to Triscuits and granola bars in my desk.