GPR Time!!! *grin*

I have to admit, I like having the Prayer Room open on Saturday Nights while Patmos is going on over at FCF. Last week and this week I have been able to soak in the Prayer Room while God has blessed me with Misty leading worship! She typically leads our Saturday Night FCF service, so it's been cool to have her do a regular prayer room set instead of a "service" set. I will admit, as far as what God does through Misty, it's not much different. The main difference between FCF and GPR is that we just worship straight through! Tonight was AMAZING!

I connect with God in an intense way when Misty leads. It's not Misty I'm worshiping, it's Jesus, but when Misty leads it's easier to engage with the Spirit. Tonight it was A LOT of fun. I looked over at the clock for the first time, and 90 minutes had passed! It felt like only a few minutes! Ah. I love the PRAYER ROOM. It is still my favorite place on this planet! And, I can honestly say, those 2 hours last week and this week are my favorite hours of the week.

Tonight we did a song that I've heard a few different times, one of which we did out at camp last year, and while I have NO IDEA who wrote it, but I will find out. It was INCREDIBLE!

On top of that, this afternoon I was surfing the web and found a new Passion Worship CD that I didn't even know about! I LOVE IT! God always amazes me. He always gives me the music I need, right when I need it! *grin*

Finally, this weekend has made me long for Summer Break. I'm ready to sleep in, hang out with friends, and soak in the Prayer Room. I am selfishly praying that I get to keep my tutoring students this Summer, but if that doesn't work out, that's okay too. I'm just ready for the break.

IS. 15 minutes from the Prayer Room!