how i almost got fired...

okay, so possibly i didn't almost get fired; however, i thought i was going to be. i was accused of losing and/or stealing a student's cell phone.
i will start my story by saying i usually love the anti-social punk kids. they are usually some of my favorites. i like a little spunk, but i'm not a fan of attitude...especially of the disrespectful variety.
as you may've already guessed, this story is about punky, who has a horrific attitude issue. she also doesn't do her work, spends class time doodling/putting on make-up/doing everything in her power to irritate the hell out of me, and to top it all off, my second biggest pet-peeve, texting people during class!! *damn columbine for making it so that students can have cell phones in school!! disclaimer: i mean that slightly tounge-in-cheek.* today makes three times that i've caught her, the incident happened as follows:

me: give it to me, now.

punky: what? *insert fake innocent look here*

me: *insert beastly teacher look here* do not insult my intelligence. give me the cell phone.

she hands it over, shooting me a nasty glare. i set the phone on the desk between my computer and my pens. i have a student finishing up a quiz on the other side of the desk *this will be important later*. the classroom phone rings, and it's asst. principal bulldog. he asks me to send punky down to the office...she's in trouble for something. i tell her she needs to go down there. she gives me attitude.

me: and when you come back tomorrow, make sure you've ditched the attitude. i'm entirely sick of it.

punky: what attitude?! just because i don't talk in class i have an attitude. *using said attitude while speaking*

me: that rude, disrespectful tone you just used. ditch the attitude or don't bother coming to class.

punky: whatever.

me: yup. that would be the one.

punky: *insert lots of eye-rolling and obnoxious sighing*

i was saved from listening to it all by a student in the back of the room who needed help with his essay. i jumped at the chance to get away. helped said student and made my way back to the front of the room. punky was gone, and funny, so was her cell phone.
i ask the student taking the quiz if she saw punky take it. she said "no" *and i will add that she and punky run with the same group of kids which could've imfluenced her answer* i search for it, then logically assume punky took it with her. so, i write her up not only for the cell phone and the attitude, but also for taking it from my desk.
take it to the office. explain the situation and tell secretary i want to talk to punky when she's done with bulldog. five minutes later, i get a call from the secretary saying that punky swears she doesn't have the phone, and she's pissed i lost/stole it. frantically i run upstairs and search the room we were in.
i then as quiz girl if punky took it. i explain to her that i could be in trouble, and i need to know the truth. she admits punky stopped at my desk "to talk to another student".
i call bulldog and tell him what happened...get a call five minutes later. he says she kept denying it. finally he looked in her bag...guess what he found...