Ironically Funny

Last night at 9:00, I looked at Jay and said, "Okay, time for you to go outside for the last time and then we'll head upstairs because I want to read my book." I let him outside and started doing my nightly routine of things to get ready to head upstairs and then I started to hear baseballs hit my house. Okay, they weren't really baseballs, they were large balls of hail. They sure sounded like baseballs though! It's a sound I don't think I will ever forget.

I immediately ran to the back door and let Jay inside. He was shaking in fear. Who can blame him? He went out to poop and wound up being surrounded by falling balls of hail! Poor kid! I tried to calm him down, and then it hit me...MY CAR WAS OUTSIDE!!!

I immediately dropped Jay onto the couch and went outside to move my car into the garage. (How did I not think about the car earlier? I have NO idea!) I ran out with my hoodie up and got in the car. I moved it into the garage. I would have stopped to look at the damage but it was still hailing and I knew Jay was still scared. So I came inside and cuddled with the furry kid until the hail stopped. (It didn't last much longer.)

After that, I looked outside and was amazed at the size of the hail. I thought briefly about my car, but decided to be in denial. The hail was about the size of a tennis ball. I have never seen it that big in real life. Amazing stuff.

This morning I got up and got ready for school.

I looked at the car. It doesn't look too bad. You can tell it was hit by hail, but it doesn't look too bad.

Then it hit me.

This month I make my last payment on it and it's mine.

To me, that just seems ironically funny.

Ah well, that's okay.

Life is still GREAT! *grin*