I want to start by saying "Thanks" to all my supportive friends tonight who have answered my prayer requests and have prayed. Tonight has been one of the most difficult nights of my adult life.

The evening began typical. I came home, we did our walk, etc, he was fine. We went to the store and when I came outside he was fine. Once I started driving, something was wrong. Very wrong. He cowered and didn't want me to touch him. That was scary. Upon getting home, he was shaking a little bit. He went right under the couch. I knew something was wrong.

I was expecting some out of town guests, and they arrived and I called Jay's vet. Normally they would have seen him but due to computer/monitor issues they couldn't take him so they referred me to an animal hospital here in L.S.

I'm so very thankful that the Lord brought this young couple to my house tonight. I don't know how I would have gotten him to the Animal Hospital because by the time we got there he was having a full-blown seizure. He was difficult to hold and was foaming at the mouth. I was holding it together just by praying and talking to him as I drove.

Upon arrival they took Jay back right away. Of course, they spouted an amount of cost, and I didn't care what it cost. He's my Best Friend! We sat, waited, and prayed.

When all was said and done, I got to go back and see him. He was still seizing when I was back there. The poor kid. They have him on several medications, and a catheter. He entered the Hospital with a temp of 107 but when we left it was 103. At least that's good news.

Before I left I did get to see him. They didn't want me to see him, I could tell, but I just wanted to speak some words to him even though he was all doped up. It broke my heart to see him seizing and not himself. But, I know that it helped both of us to be reunited. It will help me sleep tonight.

Anywho, thanks for all the support tonight. All the texts have really helped. I would have called people, but with the ugly cry going on, I didn't want to do that. *grin*

Please keep praying. I pick him up at 7am to transport him to my own vet. Please please please keep praying.