I find it amazing that one week ago tonight I was standing at the Animal Hospital, praying that Jay would be okay. Gosh, what a night!

Tonight Jay is fine and you can't even tell that he was so sick a week ago. In fact, tonight as we did our nightly walk I was more protective of him, watching every little thing he sniffed to make sure he didn't eat anything! *grin* I imagine that for a while I will do that, play the role of the protective parent. *grin*

It has definitely shown me how much I care for him. I always knew I cared for him, but during the moments last week when I stood in front of his cage at the hospital and he was in so much pain, I felt something I had never felt before. A deep sense of love....love beyond words...love that brought tears to my eyes that night, as well as the next day. At the same time there was a deep sense of JOY when I went to pick him up the following day and he recognized me and was able to move without a lot of shaking. He still couldn't walk, but I figured we just made a great pair! *grin*

Tonight as I type this, he is laying across my legs waiting to hear the "click" of the computer closing so we can cuddle before we head up to read and crash. I feel blessed that God answered my prayers, as well as the prayers of those around me. There haven't been any signs of brain damage or body damage from what happened. (Well, except my pocket book, but it's worth every penny to have the little furry kid with me!) I keep telling Jay that we're blessed.

He can't respond in words, but he is a lot more attached to me these days. I think that says it all. *grin*