job offer...

apparently my interview yesterday didn't go that badly. they told me yesterday that they wouldn't be calling until at least april 28 because that's what the deadline for application was; however, the principal called me today and told me that he and the teacher who sat in on the interview called the superintendent immediately and told him that they didn't need to do anymore interviews...they want me. i asked him if i could have until tuesday to decide.
i'm beyond excited to have a job offer, but i don't know what to do. it's a nice school...smaller than the one i'm at now. but i had an interview today (they said they'd call with their choice this weekend), and there's another school in the area i'd really like to work at (the one whose principal i called yesterday.

i think my plan is to see what the school i interviewed at today says, call the school i'd like to work at on monday and see if i can set up an interview, let the principal of the school i'm at now know that i've got a job offer and then make my decision from there.
i go from spazzing because i don't have a job to spazzing because i've got an offer. gah!!