This past weekend I was out at CAMP BARNABAS for a weekend of Camp. I really enjoy the weekends because they are a way to meet new campers, CIA'S, and staffers. Ultimately, my goal is to get closer to God though. This weekend was different, but in an amazing kind of way.

I think that at this point I go into camp just telling God I am open to whatever He has for me...I'll serve whomever, I'll do whatever. I was just excited to see what was going to happen.

I will admit, this weekend was the first time that I was out at Camp Barnabas and my mind was on Jay more than camp. That's normal though, I think, after what we went through last week. I called twice to check on him, but he was fine. *grin*

During our training Laura introduced Lauren to the group. Laura has spoken to me about Lauren before, and I was excited to finally meet her favorite camper! She was actually sitting right in front of me so I couldn't see her face when Laura was speaking, but I was excited to meet her.

As it turns out, I TOTALLY get why Lauren is Laura's favorite camper. She doesn't speak verbally, but she has a laugh that makes everyone around her smile. She also has creative ways to communicate her needs and wants. For example, she will look in a specific direction, like toward the Bathroom and we can simply say "Do you need to go to the restroom?" and she will not her head yes or no.

It was amazing to me because I had to change my way of thinking. I couldn't ask her (unless we were seated and she had her device in front of her) a question unless it was a "yes" or "no" question. Gosh, how much simpler would life be if we boiled things into "yes" and "no". We would be free of gossip. Free of slander. God just started really speaking to me in that form of communication.

I mentioned Lauren's device. She has a device that is basically a computer, and her mouse is controlled by the dot on the tip of her nose. It was amazing to me when Lauren would ask questions or she would answer our questions. It made me smile every time she did so with others or with me.

Lauren is also very assertive. Any time Laura sat down to eat with us at meals, she would move her electric wheelchair over to sit by Laura. It was funny to watch! I think Laura and Lauren are a great pair! *grin*

Two things really stood out to me with Lauren. First, she was INCREDIBLY patient with us as we tried to figure things out with her. For example, one night we had done all the "get ready for bed" things and got her into bed. She refused to let us cover her with the blanket, and put her feet up in the air. We were trying to figure out what she wanted. Then it hit me! She wanted her socks off! She was happy when we figured it out, and we all had a short little laugh about it. God spoke to me in that too. I do that a lot in my life. I look around for something, and it's right there in front of me. It's pretty amazing. Sometimes God just gives us an answer to something, and we look all around thinking it can't be that easy, when in reality, sometimes it is. *grin*

Her patience with us also made me think about how patient He is with me. Lauren would wait patiently as we figured things out, and once we would get it, she would just smile. I imagine that's what God does with us. I am sure Lauren knew we would figure out the socks or the lifts or the bathroom trips, but she also knew it would take time. I imagine God does the same with me. He just waits for me to figure things out, and smiles when I do. *grin*

Amazing stuff. It's amazing what God teaches me, if I'm listening and watching. *grin*