This week has been stressful, I'm not going to lie to you. State testing has fallen this week (and last) and EVERYONE'S stress level is up. The kids are stressed, the adults are stressed. I'm glad tomorrow is Friday. *grin*

This year has been an interesting one for me as far as testing goes. Every year I think I do a post to this effect, but tonight I wanted to say it again. I wish they would ask for my opinion when it comes to testing my students. I could show them some real data, such as:

1. I have a student that entered my program last year on a pre-primer reading level, and the student is now reading on a 2.5 grade level.
2. I have another student who couldn't identify coins at the beginning of last year, this year the student can count change to a dollar.
3. I have a student that came to me on a big behavior plan, and is now in the regular classroom without much difficulty for most of the school day.
4. I have another student who entered my program mid-year this year without a care for school, and now he looks forward to reading group.
5. I have a student that mastered fractions after A LOT of extra hard work. The student may not have been able to show it on the test because I can't paraphrase for the student, but the student really does know it.
6. I have a student who began the year reading in a monotone voice and struggling with decoding. Today the student read with inflection and tone.

Too bad the state people will never know that these kids ARE making progress. No Child Left Behind...you bet, I'm not leaving ANYONE behind. It's just sad that on one test, they won't all be able to show what incredibly amazing learners they really are!