I find it amazing how God can use ANYTHING at any time. I slept in REALLY late today, and after Jay and I cuddled for a while, I decided to walk Jay before cleaning up for the day. It was so nice out, I figured I might get a little sweaty on the walk. (I was right too! LOVE this weather!)

I looked at Jay and said, "Jay, you wanna go for a walk?" He looked at me and ran for the door. To be honest, I'm not sure if he really knows what it means or the fact he saw me head to the cabinet with the plastic bags told him what my phrase meant. Either way, we headed out on our walk.

Resident policy in this neighborhood (It's a rather up-scale one, so I feel blessed to be here, I truly do!) is that you have to pick up your dog's poop if it lands in someone else's yard. While I'm not THRILLED about this part of the walk, it is what it is, so I take a bag just in case. I honestly can't remember the last time I had to scoop the poop because he usually takes care of business in my own yard. (I'm so blessed!) Today, I had to use the bag.

We were just up the hill, barely on our walk, when Jay did his duty in a neighbor's yard. Let me just state that at the very moment I am bent down scooping the poop into the bag, a neighbor drives by and waves. To which I wave back, and tell Jay "Thanks" for letting the whole world know that I am scooping poop at the moment. He just went on walking. Obviously he didn't have to scoop the poop and was ready to go see what we could find on the walk.

I stood there for a moment and debated. I now had a bag full of pooh and we still had about nine-tenths of a mile to go. (Not an exaggeration either!) *grin* So, we started walking.

Walking Jay really is fun. He has to sniff every little thing on the walk. So a mile that could probably take me about 25 minutes takes us about 40 because he has to stop and sniff everything. Not to mention he has to mark his territory everywhere we go. It's comical to watch him.

As I walk I tend to let my mind wander about things. I figure it's a mindless activity and as long as Jay stays out of the streets and away from cars, we're good.

So, I am walking, and having to shuffle this plastic bag from one hand to another as the other hand has to shuffle the leash. If that sentence doesn't make sense, then you haven't walked a dog in a while. Anyway, about halfway through the walk, I got to thinking about how much of a pain it was to shuffle the leash, and the plastic bag, and keep Jay outta the road. Then it hit me. That bag of poop is no different than the sins I wrestle with on a daily basis. I wish I could sit here and say I'm perfect and I don't make any mistakes, but that's not true. Fortunately in scripture it talks about how all sin and fall short of the Glory of God. Anywho, as I continued to carry the bag, it made me think about how Jesus took care of my sins. And, how He made a way for me to not carry those sins around with me any longer. For that matter, how NONE of us are to carry those sins around with us any longer. Some things I wrestle with only God knows about, but He also knows that I sometimes shuffle them from one hand to another, trying to keep ahold of them, when in reality, I need to just LET GO and let HIM take care of it! As I walked and got deeper revelation in this, it made me smile.

When I returned home, the bag was disposed of properly, and I took some time to dialogue with God as I took care of things around here before going to FCF.

Kinda cool. God used a bag of poop to talk to me.