Resurrection Sunday

Easter Sunday always brings a mixture of emotions for me. Some are legitimate, and honestly some of the emotions are born of the flesh. I guess that's normal if I'm to be completely honest. If you disagree, that's okay. If you saw what I saw today, it may make a little more sense.

365 days out of the year I walk with the Lord. Not perfectly, I fall & I make mistakes, but ultimately I try to live before the audience of One daily. Every year I feel a step closer, but also feel I'm a step backward all at the same time I guess. I think that's how running the race is sometimes. The more I learn from Him, the more I realize that there is to learn. *grin*

This morning I awoke knowing that I was driving on the shuttles team. I also knew that it was Easter Sunday, which meant we would have more people than usual attending service. That's actually saying a lot, because we have a pretty decent crowd on regular Sundays.

When I arrived to drive shuttles Slim said to start driving the Overflow Lot. That is my FAVORITE route to drive, so I was excited! I started driving and I was correct, we were BUSY. One of our regular drivers didn't come in, so we had more people wanting to attend service, and FEWER drivers. Honestly, I have never seen us that busy before with only 3 drivers. Actually, we had one gal stay on until about 11:15 from first shift to help me with Overflow until it slowed down. She left after that, so the after-service crowd was left to me on the Overflow Lot.

I can honestly say I enjoyed driving today. EVERYONE was nice and even though they had to wait in line for me to go back and forth. My favorite part was having the new Passion CD to play while I drove. I had NUMEROUS people ask what CD I was listening to and where they could get it. That part was really fun!

Yes, it was a wonderful thing. My heart leapt though for the people that only attend on Easter and Christmas. I'm REALLY glad they were all there today, and it is my prayer that they will all return. Year after year I see people come twice a year. I guess that's better than none.

At the same time I know what God has done for me and I think how different this world would be if everyone experienced God like I have in my short 37 years on this planet. It's my prayer that people experienced God in their own way today, and they will seek God in their own church in their own way each week. It doesn't have to be FCF, but somewhere to call "home."

I know that today as I drive shuttles, I had several new passengers that I enjoyed meeting. At the same time a few were regular riders who made me feel as if I'm at home here.

Kind of a different Easter Sunday for me, I guess. Even with the mixed feelings regarding stuff, there's one thing for sure, I feel blessed to know Him as well as I do.