When I moved here almost two years ago, I was told about the Road Construction that would be starting up that Summer behind my house. In fact, I got a $15 reduction in rent due to the construction. For those of you who haven't been here, I live in a nice neighborhood, with a highway behind my house. I say highway very loosely though because it's a highway, but in this area it's about a two mile stretch of road of residential and commercial development. If you go east or west either way, it becomes a highway again.

In July I will have lived here two years. (How did that happen? Time does go by faster the older you get!) This ENTIRE time we have had road construction in one form or another going on behind my house. They are working to make the highway four lane instead of two, which will truly be a blessing once it's done.

At the moment, the road construction is a MESS. I mean, they have blocked one entrance to my neighborhood, and now my street is a detour route. Getting in and out of my neighborhood is an interesting task at the moment. Not to mention the noise that goes with the roadwork. It makes me glad that my bedroom is on the opposite side of the house!

Every morning I think, "Aren't we done yet with this construction?" And, of course, we're not. Truthfully, with the rain, I think it's just going to take longer.

As I was driving home tonight a thought came to me, I have never lived here without the road construction. Granted, it wasn't this inconvenient the entire time, but the whole time I've lived here they have been working on this project. In fact, they had to re-do our sewage system to make it all work. Last Summer was interesting while they did that project!

Anyway, it has made me wonder what it will be like when it's all done. No more signs saying "change in traffic direction." No more covered stop signs. No more detours. Plus, we'll have four lanes, with a turn lane. So, we won't have backed up traffic at 5pm anymore. Wow. What a concept. *grin*

As I was pondering this tonight, and I ponder it nightly as I drive through it, it made me think about my walk with Christ. I mean, He is making routine detours in my life for me to be right where I'm supposed to be on a daily basis. He is also changing my heart daily concerning the things on His heart, as well as what's on mine.

There's a curve down the road that you have to maneuver through cones to go through it. I think that's how I am with God right now. I am doing well right now compared to a couple weeks ago, but it's only because I have clung to Him in the Secret Place and prayed like never before, and it's bringing me to a new place. God has put several things in my life, such as specific songs, the Prayer Room, and people, to guide me as well, but honestly it's been me and Him. I have felt like I'm in that curvy spot of road, and He is guiding me through it with His word. And just as that road is changing into something new altogether, I am too.

I love it. Thank You, Lord.