So, today I had quite an afternoon. My afternoon group finished the first book in the reading series I am doing with my students (YIPPEE!!!) and we started book #2 today. The kids were excited to have the new books in their hands, and we started the story. I knew from the beginning that the kids would be hyper with the first story. It was about STINK bugs. Yeah, and within the story the bugs had a STINK contest. Yep, you can only imagine how the fifth graders enjoyed it. Jokes, comments, etc. It was quite an afternoon.

While it was a little difficult to manage their talking in between sections of the story, I will admit I enjoyed it. We laughed a lot, and it was cute to see them WANT to re-read the story after they were done with their workbook. I will also admit I'm glad we only have the story for two days. Two days I can handle, if The Stink Bugs were weeks of my life, I would be tired.

Laughter is good though. And today was fun.