I am absolutely amazed at how much God uses music in my life. I can be in a REALLY good mood, and he'll give me a song to dance to, or I can be in a really low mood, and he gives me a song to lift my spirits. Or sometimes it's somewhere in between. Regardless, I am ALWAYS blessed by the music God puts in my path at just the right time.

There are two songs that I keep replaying over and over again. Both of them are drawing me closer to God AND giving me new perspectives on various things I see going on around me. So, tonight on my walk with Jay, God brought another song to mind that made me smile. It's an old song, one that I grabbed onto when I was first saved in 1997, but He gave me a new outlook on some things at work that I needed to have to finish this year strong. That's truly my goal. So much has happened this year, that I think we all just need a break and to start over fresh in August. Or perhaps it's just me. I doubt it though. Too much has happened for it to just be me. *grin*

The song tonight is Jars of Clay, "Art in Me." Each day, I see the JEWEL of a person that God created in each of my students. Truthfully, it's not hard. I have some of the COOLEST kids with personalities that are absolutely precious. The kids are never the problem. They may be character-building at times, but they are never the problem. Ultimately, they are EACH special to me in their own way, and loving them isn't hard.

Lately I've been wrestling with some other things at work. And tonight I have started praying a new prayer, taken from "Art in Me." The line that keeps coming into my mind is "...and You plead to everyone to see the art in me." I see the art in the kids. I see the art in the adults I work with. I see the art in the parents of the kids I work with. Meaning, I see their hearts. I see who God created them to be. I see who they are AS A PERSON. And beyond that, I see what amazing people they are.

There are people who aren't seeing that within me. That's okay. *grin* First off, God knows my heart, and that's what is most important. Second of all, I know my heart, and I know that I've given 100% daily to what I'm responsible for, therefore that's all that matters. Finally, I recognize what's going on, and I'm PRAYING OVER EVERY LITTLE DETAIL.

Ha! Yeah, HE'S GOT IT COVERED!!! *grin*