Twins Tuesday

This week at my school we're raising money for Japan. In addition to the raising of funds, we're having a different theme each day and we get to dress up! For staff members, we can use our Jeans coupons and participate too! (We could purchase Jeans coupons for each day this week to help raise funds too! If we had leftover jeans coupons we could do that too!) That's right, I'm wearing jeans EVERYDAY this week! I love it!!! *grin*

Yesterday during my 5th grade group, the kids were deciding who they wanted to be twins with. When they heard Rockstarpara and I talking about it, they wanted to join us! So, we changed our plans and I brought in SEVERAL KU shirts! Before school kids were coming in for their shirts, and it was HILARIOUS! The teacher next door didn't want to hear about it because she's an MU fan! It was priceless! One student in particular really wants to fit in, and I know today really helped her a lot. It was a lot of fun!

Of course, at the end of the day we took pictures! It was a lot of fun. I hope we have another day like this one because I can tell it was something both students and staff enjoyed! It was PRICELESS in my book!

You're probably wondering what the rest of the week holds for us:

Wednesday is Wacky Hair Day. Not sure what I"ll do for that one! Especially since I have a committee meeting first thing!
Thursday is dress in your future profession day. I've considered dressing as a P.E. Teacher. *grin*
Friday is Crazy Hat day. I received my new Camp Barnabas Hat today that I will wear on Friday! *grin*

I'm so glad I'm in such a fun building! It makes the CRAZINESS of the days of school a little more fun!