and it's my day off!!

took the day off today. haven't had one all semester. i just needed a break. i would've been a waste of a teacher if i would've gone in today, so i simply didn't.

did get an email from guidance counselor about cheater...

Miss Anonymous,
Cheater's dad had left a message on my voicemail Friday regarding the email
that you sent him. He is saying that he doesn't think Cheater even
realized that what she did was wrong . . .
of course she knew what she did was wrong!! i only explained parenthetical citations every single day we worked on the essay. i only gave them the definition of plaigarism ten million times!! yes, she knew what she did was wrong. are you kidding me?!
guidance is in full support of me, as is a.p. bulldog. i just can't believe this parent would attempt to allow his daughter to get away with something like this. it's ridiculous.

but it's my day off, and i'm not dealing with him today. i emailed the details of the assignment to guidance. i also let her know the essay, the website it was copied from and the write-up are either with a.p. bulldog or in my mailbox. let them deal with it today. i'll have my hands full of it tomorrow, i'm sure.