Donorschoose #2

I have often heard the phrase "Third time is a charm." It is my prayer that my SECOND attempt will be successful, and that I won't have to wait for a THIRD attempt. I know, you're sitting there thinking, WHAT IS SHE TALKING ABOUT?

Well, back in the fall of 2010, Borders did an amazing promotion with If you purchased a book over a certain weekend, you got a Donorschoose gift card for FREE. So, I wound up getting TWO certificates! *grin* However, I didn't have any idea what that was for, or what the site was about. So, I used all the FABULOUS research skills that I was taught in my academic career and learned what it was all about!

This site is AMAZING! Teachers (And you have to be a full-time teacher, and meet certain criteria.) can submit proposals for supplies for their classrooms. After the proposal is approved, the site posts your project and people can donate to the project. I should add IT IS TAX DEDUCTIBLE!!!

My first project I went in with high hopes and wrote a proposal for a projector. The submission was approved, but I didn't raise enough funds. Which is fine. I learned a lot the first time around on the site.

I have now submitted a SECOND proposal. This year my students have fallen in love with reading! Okay, some more than others, but they are now ASKING for reading time instead of me having to encourage them to read! I am VERY excited about this! While we do have a reading series that I am using with the students, my 3:15-3:30 slot is for read-aloud time of other books. We finished a Big Nate book and the students have requested a couple of other books. SO my proposal is for 12 copies of each of the books! Not only will this affect this group of students, but it will help students in the years to come that I have in my classroom! (I'm a LONG way from retirement!)

Now that I have explained all of that, if you WANT to help give to this project, I only have $275 to raise for my students to have the books in their hands! *grin*

Here's the site:

Thanks for reading! Speaking of which, I have a book to go read! *grin*