I have spent most of today relaxing with Jay. I was in motion a lot this weekend, so it was good to sit and relax. As I relaxed, I sent out messages to friends seeing if I could pull off a trip to Joplin this weekend. While it's still in the planning stages, it is coming together.

I follow a lot of information regarding Joplin on Facebook. I have wondered the past few days if the creators of Facebook ever knew how much their website would be used to HELP people in disaster situations. I saw on 20/20 that the original site wasn't to be what it is today. I'm SO glad that it is, because I wouldn't know how well my friends are doing without it. Nor would I know what the current needs are in the area. There's a JOPLIN TORNADO INFORMATION page on FB that is very informative, and I have learned a lot through that one page. It's updated several times through the day, so from my seat here in KC, it's good to see what the needs are at the time.

I sent messages to several friends separately to see if I could bring things for them. I mean, if a person is homeless, what exactly do you bring them? I've never known so many homeless people to know how to help them. What I got in a response moved me to tears.

One of my FAVORITE little people wound up homeless in the tornado. In fact, on Monday after the tornado, I woke up with him & his family on my heart, so I checked on them via FB. I mean, phone lines down, FB was the only way I knew to check on them. I knew right away that they were okay, but lost their home. It broke my heart, but I knew from here the best thing I could do was to pray. So, each day, I have prayed for them. Today I sent a message offering to bring them items that they needed, and what I got in response touched my heart.

My former student is struggling a little bit. They have a roof over their heads, as they are staying with friends, but he's struggling. The Mother asked if I could make some time and come see the young man. My heart grew about 5 times the moment I read that! Of course I will make time for the young man! (If I could, I would go find each of my former students and hug them and help them.)

She also stated that right after the storm she had to explain to the young student of mine that the storm didn't hit KC! He was worried about me, even in his own devastation! *grin* That brought a *tear* to my eyes!

Yep, I can't wait to see him! I felt the love from him, without him even knowing it. *grin*

Now it's time for me to go show him that Ms. Springer still cares about him!