Hard Work

One of my FAVORITE things in life is WORKING HARD. Seems odd to admit, doesn't it? Well, it's true. I LOVE working hard. It makes me feel like I'm earning my keep...doing what's right...and at the end of my day I know I've given 100% throughout my day. It's a good, healthy feeling. I like it a lot!

One of the highlights of my day is at 2:00. I have a student who is working SO HARD to learn how to count change. It's hard for him, REALLY HARD. My favorite moments are when he says, "Wait a minute..." and he works it out. Sometimes that means he uses paper and pencil to figure out what I give him, and other times it means he's counting in his head. My goal is to have him be able to count it in his head. After all, he can't be on a date years from now and get out paper and pencil to figure out how much money he needs! *grin* This kid has worked SO HARD! Just in the past 6 days he's really made some real progress. He's still got room to grow, but he's getting there.

It is my prayer that this kid can learn two things in the midst of all the time we're putting into this task. First, I pray I can teach him to count the change in his head, no matter what coins he has in his hand. Fortunately he's in my class one more year, so that is possible. Second, I pray he learns that HARD WORK is fun. We really are having fun as we working on counting the coins. I have him one-on-one and he is laughing and smiling as he works. I pray he learns how to appreciate hard work and to intrinsically care about learning. If I can teach him both of those things, he can do ANYTHING this side of Heaven. *grin*

As for me, this day has been long enough, I have worked hard all day, and I have a book to read. *grin*