It ALWAYS Comes Back to Perspective...

Today has been a series of experiences that made me think, "Yep, life is still all about perspective." Let me share a few of those experiences from today.

I got up and went to serve on the Shuttles Team for church. This week we have David Pawson speaking at church, so it was CRAZY BUSY. On one hand, a person could have complained, saying, "This is too busy!" Then there's the team I'm on that LOVED IT! We had a BLAST delivering people to and from the services!!! It was definitely a highlight of my day! My favorite part was cheering on Slim as he parked the bus, but you had to be there to get the joy in the moment! (I wasn't even there, I was cheering via the radio!) *grin* See you really had to be there!

I came home to meet the cable man to get internet and phone service turned back on. For the majority of my weekend the little red light has been flashing on my router, which means NO INTERNET. Long story short, due to the house construction, wires had been cut where they shouldn't have been. On one hand, this has made for a LONG weekend. A tough weekend. The toughest weekend yet here in L.S. On the other hand, I have had the coolest furry kid on the planet to hang with, and a LONG LIST of DVR shows to watch. Talk about perspective. God spoke to me this afternoon as the cable guy was outside about my attitude regarding the whole internet deal. Life goes on without the internet. I was mad because I didn't have the internet and because of all the silly remodeling being done that has interrupted my service. God (very gently) reminded me that this was minor, and that it was my attitude that needed adjustment. Hum. It's all about perspective... *grin*

I came home from the store tonight to see the neighborhood kids playing up the street in the dumpster full of scrap from all the construction going on. I immediately kicked into teacher mode and wanted to run up the hill and tell them to all get off the dumpster. I didn't though. First off, it wasn't my place to do so. Second, I prayed like crazy that no one would get hurt. Third, if I had known where each kid lived, I would have let their parents know, but I don't know where they all live. I watched them for a while, and they eventually got off of it and went to do something else.

It made me think, "Crud, where are their parents? Why aren't they watching them?" Then it hit me. I did the same thing as a kid. One time I was spanked for playing at a site where a house was being built when I had specifically been told not to do so. As I walked Jay tonight, I came upon the dumpster, and the kids were back by it but wouldn't get on it while I was there. They stood by it, but not on it. After I walked on, I walked slowly to hear what they were saying, and I heard one say, "Look, there's the cops, get away." When in reality, there weren't any officers around.

In reality, the kids knew that it was wrong, just as I knew it was wrong when I was a kid. But, from a kid's point of view, you don't think of getting hurt, or needing a tetanus shot, or any of that at the time. All you think is, "Oh cool! A dumpster that's high in the air!" I prayed for the kids tonight. I really, really prayed. I didn't get hurt. They probably won't get hurt either.

It makes you think though, doesn't it? Each perspective has logic. Kinda makes a person go "Hum..."

As for me, it's past ten and this week is going to be crazy busy. That is good for me, I do better when I'm busy than when I'm bored.

See, it's all about perspective.