Okay, before you go thinking something horrible...NO I DIDN'T KNOCKOUT A STUDENT! *grin*

Today my students had their FIRST pizza party of the school year with ROCKSTARPARA and me! The initial plan was to play the game "horse" outside on the basketball court after eating pizza. The kids asked me earlier in the day if we could play "Knockout" instead of "horse." I said that would be fine. I will openly admit, I had watched the game played before, but had never actually played it myself. I thought it would be easy. *grin*

After eating the pizza, we went outside to the basketball court. We all lined up to play and the sandyblondeheadedchild explained how to play. It seemed easy enough to me. The game was on!!! We started the game, and suddenly the game didn't make sense to me. Kids who I thought were "out" were in. (But, let the record show, I got MUKID out on my FIRST toss! For real!) So, ROCKSTARPARA and I stopped the game and listened to the directions again. As it turned out sandyblondeheadedkid knew the game, he just didn't know how to explain it to us very well. We played the next round, and there was another argument. I have to admit, but ROCKSTARPARA and myself were getting frustrated.

After it was all worked out, we played about three more rounds before the bell rang and we had a lot of fun. I have several students who could actually benefit from that sort of activity on a weekly basis because the social skills are lacking, as well as sportsmanship. Overall though, it was a lot of fun.

Speaking from my perspective, it was a blast. The kids cheered me on and I cheered them on as well. I am good at shooting, not good at running, but the kids were good at running after basketballs for me. It was a blast. Today was our first day ALL SCHOOL YEAR to do an activity like this one, so it was good for everyone. I liked it because it made me feel a little like I was at my old school playing a romping game of Four Square.

I say that, and in the span of this week my school feels more like home than it has since I moved here. A few GOOD things happened this week, and while I am looking forward to the upcoming Summer Break, I can see a shift in things and prayers are being answered! *grin*