My Mind Won't Turn Off! *grin*

My mind has been on overdrive lately. Have you ever felt like that? As if you want to stop thinking about various things, but your mind just keeps going on and on like the energizer bunny? So, I'm not 100% sure how this post is going to go, but I think I need to just ramble tonight. Read on, flip to another website, doesn't matter. Tonight's post may just be for me. *grin*

I've been sucked into INPLAINSIGHT again this season. I love USA shows because they run some Summer Series shows, so I'm not stuck with just re-runs all summer. Last night's episode completely spoke to me. On one hand, it spoke to me because of various things that have happened this school year. The main witness on the show was paranoid to the point of an unhealthy spot in his life. It reminded me how much I should be praying for someone that was in my life that was sucked into a situation that may not have been quite that intense on the outside, but definitely was on the inside. It broke my heart on one hand, and then reminded me how God is in control, and that person doesn't have to remain in that place anymore. My prayers for that person will increase in the days to come. Life's to short to be stuck like that. It also spoke to me because Mary Shannon, the main character, says what she thinks out loud. Due to the nature of my job and various roles in the community, I use my filter A LOT. Which is the right thing to do. I tell ya what though, I live vicariously through Mary Shannon's character though. I realize it's on TV and not real life, but at least somewhere people get away with saying what they think. *grin*

My backyard has changed tremendously. I have already shared about the road construction going on behind my house. I really wish I had taken a picture of it to show what has happened to my backyard. I'll be honest, and state that the backyard is the one thing about this place that I wasn't thrilled about. I had a swamp-type area in my back yard, and well, it was more of an eye-sore than anything. In the past 3 or 4 days, I no longer have the trees, the swamp, or the fence. At the moment, I have a flat, open area. It looks COMPLETELY different. I realize it won't remain like that. They're widening the street back there, and I was told when I rented the place that I will have a fence and lose half the back yard. (Which wasn't much to begin with since I had the swamp area!) Tonight when I got home, I took Jay out there to do his business and just stood there. It looks SO different. All of the sudden, I can now see the traffic directly from my back porch. I stood there this evening and wondered if I was that transformed by God in my life. It's sort of what I've been pondering tonight. I have definitely changed in some deep ways in the move here, the changes, etc. I can also say, I am closer to God now than I ever have been. I just wonder if that is evident in my everyday life. I hope so. Finally, I'm praying that the construction going on RIGHT behind my house is done in the next 13.5 days. Otherwise, I'm gonna be doing a lot of praying to God about my lack of sleep during my SUMMER BREAK. *grin* Jay started barking right at 7 am today. That's not gonna work for me starting May 28th.

I've been on a hunt. Have you ever been on a hunt for something and not been successful? I had this neat little necklace that had become my FAVORITE. I bought it right before I moved here and it had a deep sentimental value to me for various reasons. I wore it everyday for almost the two years that I've lived here. Week before last, I was at work and it broke. I was bummed. I mean BUMMED. I've been searching the web. OF COURSE, it's a retired Silpada necklace. I'm praying that I can find another one. While it won't have the exact same sentimental value, it is a neat little necklace!

13.5 days are left of school. I'm ready for the Summer Break. I will be tutoring, but that is fun stuff. Plus, I get to set my own hours, sleep in, and go to camp! *grin*

I had my summative meeting today. I wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be, but I am glad it's over with. It's clear that I'm in a healthy work environment now, which is an ENORMOUS answer to prayer. *grin* I've worked SO HARD this year, and I'm glad today went the way it did. It really did make me *grin*.

My favorite TV Show is back on TV for the Summer Season. FLASHPOINT is an incredible show! Last Season ended with an episode where someone came in to break up the main team. No one on the team would turn on each other. No one would talk bad about each other. It is my prayer that my current team will become like that. I will pray for that EVERY day.

Finally, I'm sucked into quite a book right now. I'm reading House Rules by Jodi Piccoult. It's (I know, you'll be shocked to hear this!) about a family with a child that's Autistic. Last night I was up past 11:00 reading! It made me look forward to Summer when I can read all night. *grin*

Time to go read. Maybe it will turn my mind off. At least for a little while. *grin*