Pin Blast, Birthday Gifts, Shuttles, and the Prayer Room

This week has been BUSY. I can't remember a week this busy in years, with the exception of camp! I would go to work with little people, tutor, come home, let the little furry kid out, eat, go drive shuttles, come home, crash, and do it all over again the next day. It was an AMAZING week, but I am tired tonight. Very, very, very tired. I have a few highlights to share from the week! *grin*

The first highlight in the week was learning the game PIN BLAST. One of the advantages to moving here is that I get to learn all sorts of new games that the kids play in P.E. Honestly, they probably played this game in Joplin, but since I never went in to P.E., I wouldn't know that. I was asked to substitute in P.E. on Monday, and I was told the kids would be playing PIN BLAST. This is a game that the kids have talked about a lot! I went in to observe the game early in the day, as I was only covering the last class period of the day. It was a game that immediately made me think of Mr. C. at my old school. He would LOVE this game. Basically it's the game "Guard the Pin", multiplied by 26 kids! It was AMAZING! The kids did a GREAT job when I substituted in class for them! I couldn't play the game, of course, since I was teaching, but I hope to one day. That was a game I would have enjoyed as a kid. I'm hoping to one day enjoy it as an adult! *grin*

Today at school, ROCKSTARPARA gave me my birthday gift. My birthday isn't until Sunday, but she wanted to give it to me early. She gave me the neatest FAITH plaque. I have placed it on my entertainment center. I LOVE it! It meant more to me than she'll ever know! It's not surprising she gave me such a cool gift though...she's cool like that! *grin* Not to mention that Hebrews 11:1 is one of my favorite scriptures!

Every night (Mon-Thurs) I drove shuttles for the seminar held at FCF. There were three of us that were on the team every night, with one floater. It was SO MUCH FUN! It honestly reminded me of the season I was on the Sunday Night Team. We laughed a lot!!! Last night Papa Bear named himself "5" and I was "1". You had to be there to get it, but needless to say, it was time well spent. *grin*

Finally, the highest part of my week occurred last night. I had schoolwork I wanted to do, so instead of going in for the seminar, I went to the Prayer Room! Misty led the first set, and Jaye led the second set. I LOVED every single second of my time in there! I didn't know it beforehand, but I needed time in there. It felt good to be in my favorite room on the PLANET. I felt at peace. I home. *grin*

It was an exhausting week, but a good one. I'm ready for some time to rest. I also have some work to do too! For now, I think I'll rest. I have some shows to watch on DVR! *grin*