you won the battle...but i will win the war.

took my student council kids on a field trip this weekend. it was state convention. my kids have taken on a lot of district responsibility for the up-coming year, which means i have to take on a lot of district responsibility in the up-coming year...because beginning my first full year of teaching isn't enough...

we had some fun on the trip. went to dinner last night. one of my students suggested a posh restaurant downtown. he made reservations for us and everything. when we got there, the kids were looking at the menu and realized nothing was under $20. they're in high school...most of them can't afford that. and even the ones who could really would prefer a cheeseburger. i didn't want to be rude and simply walk out of the restaurant, so i had one of my students fake sick. i told the waiter that we all had to go because i couldn't leave them downtown alone.
we went next door and had fondue. it was so fun. the kids and i both loved it. the food was good, and it was one of those things that are fun to eat.

what a good example i set for my kids, huh?

as a first-year teacher/advisor, i felt like some of the older advisors were kinda watching me...waiting for me to mess up. and one kid made it difficult not to give them a good show. he's a good kid...just likes to push boundaries.
we were in one meeting, and i noticed his shirt...

imagine something along these lines.

i told him he needed to go back to our hotel and, he did...into one that said "Male Escort." *i couldn't find a picture of this one, as all that came up on google were for actual male escorts*. i again sent him back to the hotel to change. i told him if he didn't have an appropriate shirt in his bag that he needed to simply stay in the hotel room.
he came back. in a pink polo. i thought it was fine.
later, i happened to look at the little emblem on the left side (you know the one all polos have)...definitely humping alligators. yes, humping alligators. by this time we were getting ready for dinner, and he was changing anyway. but jesus pete!! i almost made him stay in the room while we went out to dinner, but i figure if i didn't notice...heck, if the kids didn't even notice, then there wasn't any point in getting upset about it.

choose your battles, grasshopper...