Eyes to See, Ears to Hear

I read a statistic somewhere recently, and I wish I remember where it was that I read it so I could know if it was an actual fact or not. Anyway, the statistic was that we have 3,000 thoughts per day. I figured it would be more than that, but the more I thought about it, 3,000 is enough! *grin* Anyway, it seems my head has been full of a lot of thoughts lately. Tonight I wanted to share a few of them.

The thing I have thought the most about is gut-wrenching life can be this side of Heaven. Of course, the first thought to that would be the Tornado in Joplin. That has occupied a lot of my thoughts on a daily basis. People who were living a normal life and "bam" homes were gone in 45 seconds. Okay, well, that's a natural disaster. I get that. I mean, I don't like that, but sometimes things get thrown at us that aren't our fault, and God is still in the midst of the recovery and re-building process. Okay, I have processed a lot of that with God.

The part I have really been pondering in the past few weeks has been tougher for me to wrap my thoughts around, even though I understand it at the same time. Tornadoes, floods, etc, aren't battles chosen by humans, they are situations thrust upon them. The past few weeks I have spent a day or two out at the local amusement park(s). I will admit that I LOVE the roller coasters, huge slides, etc, but at the same time my heart ACHES for the people that are absolutely LOST out there.

For example, I wandered off on my own for a bit yesterday to go ride two slides that I haven't been on in years, and I wanted to experience them again! Of course, both slides had fairly long lines, so I go to listen to conversations around me. What I heard ABSOLUTELY broke my heart, because people were stuck in their own issues and using words I was offended at hearing. I stood there at one point and prayed silently as these four kids were talking about their biggest issues and I was thinking, "You need God!" My heart broke for so many lost children, with issues that are not too big for God! I prayed, and found it humorous that right after I prayed I was singled out to go ahead of the line and go down the slide before all the kids who were in need of Jesus. I thanked God and went ahead down the slide. I walked away pondering life without God. And, I can't even fathom it. I knew it was time to go get ready for FCF.

On the drive home, I told God I was at the point I wanted to quit real life and be in a world like Barnabas. (For those of you new to my little world, Camp Barnabas is the one place here on Earth where people are serving Jesus to the best of their ability, people are treated like equals, no matter who you are, and words are not usually like the ones I hear out at the Amusement Park.) I knew I just needed some time in the Prayer Room. I was RIGHT!

When Matt came out last night, he did a couple songs I hadn't heard before. I liked that! He's currently my favorite leader on the base, and last night I received exactly what I needed. One of the lines in the song said, "I won't be overwhelmed." It hit me, I was simply overwhelmed by what I had observed out at the Amusement Park, but God isn't overwhelmed by it. I took time last night to ponder, and remembered that God knows each of those kids in that line, and He's got them taken care of.

The song went on to say something like, "Give me eyes to see, ears to hear." I'm right to intercede for these kids, and speak into their lives when I am led. For all I know, no one has spoken into their lives for them to even know what there is out there in a life with God.

Today as I drove shuttles, God reminded me that I don't need to be at Barnabas to be a part of God in an amazing way. With the team we had driving, I was blessed to be reminded that I'm running this race with some AMAZING people in God. *grin*

I'm still excited about camp next month, but it was INCREDIBLE to have God show me what I needed.

He's cool like that! *grin*

So, that's what I've been pondering. Eyes to see, ears to hear, yeah, that's right!