oh, the joys of summer...

summer camp has started...week one has, in fact, been put in the books.

seven and eight year-olds are a world away from my high school monkeys, but they are just as challenging. we had three bathroom accidents in four days. lots of lost clothes...you have to spell everything out for these kids...saying, "grab your things" isn't enough. you have to detail it for them: "remember to pick up your back-pack, your towel, your waterbottle, your bathing suit, your shoes, your head..." or they forget it then attempt to shift them blame: "but you didn't tell me to get my eyeball..."

i had the cutest camper on the planet...whenever anyone would ask him "what's up?", his response was "good". i finally got him answering "nothing" by the end of the week. i also taught him to say "two thumbs up like the fonz." he broke that one out in front of our camp director.

boyfriend head didn't think i'd do very well at this little kid thing, but they like me. i'm a little less motherly than the other counselors, but i'm not the babying type.

for example, a little girl walked up to me and held up her arm: "look at this" she tells me. i look. it's a little scrape. minimal blood. my response: "okay. and?" she just stood and stared at me. so, i asked if she wanted a bandaid, and she said yes...so i handed her one.

i am having fun, and surprisingly the smaller monkeys like me even if i am kinda gruff.

week one...down!!