Last night I went to FCF (Church for those of you new to my little corner of the world) and was feeling a little blah. Not down. Not mad. Not upset. Just blah. I wasn't really sure what was up with me, but I knew FCF would be good for me.

Misty came out to lead worship, and I was excited. It's been a few weeks since I've been there when Misty has led, so that was cool. I knew that I would connect with God, and I did.

However, the real highlight for me came after FCF. After FCF, the church becomes the Prayer Room from 10-12. Meaning, you can sit and read, or sing, or whatever. You just can't sit and talk within that room. (You can move to the back or outside to chat.)

When Matt Gilman came out, I WAS SO STINKIN' EXCITED!!! I can't remember the last time he led during the 10:00 set on Saturday Nights!!!

From the first note until the moment I left, it was INCREDIBLE. It was a compilation of some of my FAVORITE worship songs. It was as if the Lord said, "Here ya go, Shan, you've been serving my kids, so here's a little treat!" I know it wasn't just for me, but it sure felt like it! I stood there in awe. Amazed. HAPPY.

God knew what I needed before I needed it. Go figure.

The coolest part is I LIVE HERE! *grin*