i've started my planning for next year...

if anyone has any really good ideas for teaching writing to lower-tracked students, please let me know.

i'm really excited for next year. i got all the classes i asked for--i suppose because no one else wants the lowest track...i'll have so much more freedom with them though. i've already come up with some ideas:

  • a slave narrative (non-fiction) in connection to to kill a mockingbird. i love looking at the social context of tkm. and the slave narrative will let me get into that a bit more.
  • also for the sophomores, we're going to do a lot of summarizing. once a week, i'm having them bring in a textbook from another class, and they're going to have to practice summarizing what they're doing.
  • i'm working on bellringers for all the classes.
  • my freshmen will be reading "the most dangerous game" in a short story unit...then we're going to move on to treasure island and talk about the adventure novel...also coming of age stories. then i'm going to have them write a coming of age story about themselves (narrative).
  • also, my freshmen will read a part of a christmas carol and write a compare/contrast paper about it and the film scrooged.
  • i'm going to begin both classes with a mystery story. i'd like to get them looking at "clues" in literature.
  • i have to find a play for my juniors to read for their literary analysis essay. i want something they'll be interested in but also something they can write about. suggestions?
i will be ridiculously prepared come august...