Yesterday my Dad and I went to Worlds of Fun, here in Kansas City. This trip was a make-up trip from the one we were supposed to do last year. The day we were supposed to go last year, it was something like 118 degrees outside. Okay, maybe not quite that hot, but too hot for a trip to the amusement park. *grin*

After going to Worlds of Fun with Drummerboy last year, and experiencing THE PATRIOT roller coaster, I couldn't wait to have Dad experience it for himself. In case you haven't been on it, it is a steel roller coaster with the track ABOVE the riders. (Check out to see the actual coaster!)

Our first ride of the day was THE PATRIOT!!! I was pumped!! We waited in line, and made small chit-chat, and then it was our turn! We boarded the coaster, and I openly admitted to my Dad that the only part of coasters I hate is when you first go UP the hill. I'm fine going down, it's the going up that bugs me. (Seems backward, doesn't it?) *grin* Anywho, the ride was AMAZING!!! One of my favorite parts about it is that you don't know what's coming up next on it because the track is above you.

As we pulled into the area to get off the coaster, I was laughing and turned to Dad, and heard him say, "That was insane!"

I just laughed.

We looked at our pictures after the ride. I was smiling. My Dad was not. *grin*

After that, we headed for the other favorite roller coaster, The Mamba. My Dad had been on that one before. 205 feet high, 75 miles per hour of fun! I LOVE IT! Dad enjoyed that one even more than THE PATRIOT. I will admit, I HATE the uphill climb on that one, but going over that hill is AMAZING!

We didn't ride any other rides, we just talked and walked. We also split fries and attempted to have Pepsi, but they were out. (Who runs out of Pepsi at Worlds of Fun?)

We stopped and watched the dog show. Yeah, there's a dog show at World of Fun. The couple that do the show have 21 dogs. Yes, that's right 21 dogs! They are all rescue dogs! While I admire them, and they clearly take good care of the dogs, I don't know how anyone keeps 21 dogs. Jay keeps me busy enough! *grin* There was even a DEAF dog! It was so cool! *grin*

Perhaps my favorite part was just talking to my Dad. He's a great guy, and it was fun to chat and ponder life with him.

Maybe not though, I gotta admit, I LOVE THOSE COASTERS! *grin*