The older I get, the more I appreciate the friendships that the Lord has given me.

Last night I went down to Joplin and picked up a Tornado Survivor, and brought her back here so that she could fly out today to go to a family reunion. I've known LaughingGal for YEARS. While we don't talk regularly, I have prayed for her off and on over the years, as I have felt led to do so. She's a really special gal.

Today we ate out for lunch and then she wanted to pick out a new couch for her house. We had so much fun at Nebraska Furniture Mart sitting on MANY different couches. We laughed A LOT, as we walked through the store. I had a lot of fun!

On the way to the airport, she asked if I had a CD playing. I told her I did, I just hadn't had it turned up since we had been talking. I turned it up and shared with her the song I played (and continue to play) as I drove through the tornado devastation for the first time. It is a Christy Nockels song that has pierced my heart. It was SO MUCH FUN to share a worship song with someone again! She just listened, and I sang along. The next song we both knew, so we sang along to that one too. I love it when I have a friend who loves worship music as much as I do! It was a GREAT way to end our time together.

We got to the airport, hugged each other, and she headed to her plane. I drove away, thanking God for my time with LaughingGal. It was an unexpected gift from the Lord to have her here. He set it all up for her to be here. Plus, I told her, "You realize I have to see this couch in your house, right?" To which she replied that I can stay with her anytime. Well, once her house is fixed, of course! She's a blessing from the Lord, and I am glad she was here!