Going Backwards Down the Slide!

The other night Chase and I went to Oceans of Fun. We had spent the afternoon at Powell Gardens where we had sweat a lot, and I was looking forward to a COOL evening of water activities. I will admit it, (in case you're new to my little corner of the world) I am a big kid. I LOVE water slides! They are a lot of fun for me, and my favorite ones are tube slides! At Oceans of Fun, there are two tube slides that are my FAVORITE. While I enjoy all the slides, the tube slides are FAST and one of them is DARK. The dark one is my favorite, but they are both a lot of fun.

The other night, Chase went down before me, and I was next! I was ready to go! (Side note: I was proud of Chase because he's sort of afraid of the dark, but he did it anyway!) As I started down, I was going REALLY fast, and started to spin! I don't normally spin, but I found myself fighting the spin of the tube. Eventually, I said, "Okay, God, let's do it backwards." At that point, I did the ride backwards. I typically don't like that just because I can't see where I'm headed, but I wound up LAUGHING. It was SO MUCH FUN!

I came to the end of the ride and came out of the tunnel backwards, expecting a whistle from a lifeguard because you're supposed to only go forward, but I didn't hear one. I just smiled, and I heard that still, small voice say, "I got ya..you can do more than you think with Me." I just grinned.

I have prayed over that, and feel that that was preparation for this next week at Camp. I have NO IDEA what it looks like, but I'm EXCITED!!!