It's Just a Quote I Heard...

Have you ever heard a quote, and then spent the remainder of the day pondering it? Okay, perhaps several days, weeks, months, or even years on a quote? Well, I have been pondering a quote today that I actually heard quite a while ago. Louie Giglio is the first person that I heard say it, and it has gripped me.

He stated, "The most important thing you think about, is what you think about, when you think about God."

Given that we average 3,000 thoughts per day, it has made me wonder, how much do I think about God? And secondly, what do I think about, when I think about God?

I think for me it changes, season to season.

When I was first Saved in 1997, I just wanted to KNOW Him. To hear His voice. So, I pondered the different attributes, and the scriptures.

Then I entered various churches that had different aspects of God that were focused upon.

In one church I was taught to FEAR God. I was taught that repentance was the key to entering the Kingdom, and that God's Love was a cop-out. During that season, I didn't focus on God, I focused upon what I was doing WRONG. And, for the record, I'm SO GLAD that I'm out of that season!!!

My next season brought in the depth of God's love and grace. I fell in love with Him, and learned that someone that is truly in love doesn't want to do anything to hinder that love. I enjoyed that season.

Now I'm in a season where I'm learning to truly trust Him. In 14 years of walking with Him, I have seen a lot, and experienced a lot. I feel each season has given me something new for the next season. I LOVE THAT!

I remember that I used to think that the only way to experience God was in a worship service. Then I discovered Camp Barnabas. Out at camp, I have experienced God in ways that can't be verbalized. You just CAN'T do camp without God. PERIOD. It's a lot of HARD work, but I tell ya what, it leads me to encounter OVER and OVER and OVER again! Each year, I go into it expecting it to be like the year before, and yet I know that God doesn't work like that. Each year is full of new experiences and friendships that He sets up for each of us out there.

Finally, I think my FAVORITE part about walking with God is that there is ALWAYS something new in the journey. Whether it be a trip to camp, a shuttle shift, a teaching year, or just playing with Jay, He is always up to something. *grin* I also know that He knows the dreams I have that haven't been fulfilled, and I am learning to trust that He will fulfill them. *grin*

So tonight, as I ponder what I think about when I think about God, I think that choosing to follow Him was the best decision I ever made!