Miss me??

I took a "brief" hiatus from blogging. I got overwhelmed by end-of-the-year work (i.e. even more term papers), and lately I've been working on wedding preparations, as fiance and I have decided to move the wedding up to November.

Anyway, I'm making a promise right now to you (and especially myself) to blog at least three times a week because I know I'll need that habit once school starts. I need the catharsis this blog brings me. Plus, I love getting feedback from all of you.

Besides wedding preparations and such, I've been really researching using podcasts and wikis in the classroom. I'm really interested in including more technology in my students' education next year, but I'm really finding it difficult to find good examples of podcasts. Many are password protected to insure student privacy and safety, which is understandable, but it makes it difficult to find examples. I've so far only been to the library and Googled it. After I finish writing this, I will be exploring the blogosphere.

I'm teaching my lower-tracked freshmen again next year. I'm really happy about that because I've developed a really strong curriculum for that class. I've been tweaking it lately, as I will be teaching a different novel from last year. I'll be doing Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island, which is really exciting for me because I can tie it into the short story (by showing the students how authors flesh out stories but use a similar format to create a novel) and the epic. By the end the students will be showing me how TI and the Odyssey are related (that's one of the goals anyway).
I also have two new preps, which should be interesting. I've got two different tracks of sophomores. I really love the novels taught the sophomore year, and the curriculum focuses more on speech rather than writing, which will be a load off grading-wise. Plus, I love a new challenge. For the next month or so, these are the classes I will really be focusing on preparing for. I feel very confident with my freshmen class planning, so I would like to be as confident with my sophomore classes.

This was sort of a dodgy return to blogging. I'm out of practice. It will get better, promise.