Tonight I have ANOTHER book review to share with you! I will admit, when I ordered the book I thought it was about a child with Autism, but it was actually about a girl with CEREBRAL PALSY! Are you wondering why that's so cool to me? It's because that's what I was born with, and why I walk with a limp! Cerebral Palsy is caused by trauma during birth. So, it's not anyone's fault, it just happens sometimes. People with Cerebral Palsy can be affected with more than just a limp, like in this story.

In the story, the girl, Melody, is in a wheelchair and cannot verbally talk. (Can you imagine not being able to talk?) She also has difficulty eating, going to the restroom, and sometimes her body spasms and she can't control it! The thing is, she is REALLY smart.

This story is written from Melody's point-of-view. It is an INCREDIBLE story about this young girl trying to find a voice in a world of people that don't typically accept someone being "different."

As I read this book, I could relate to a lot of her thoughts and feelings. While I am blessed to be able to live on my own, and take care of myself, I can relate to being picked on, stared at, and wishing that people could get past the limp to get to know ME. (Make note though, it doesn't hold me back! *grin*)

This is the FIRST book I read that I thought, "EVERYONE should read this so that they can understand that we're people FIRST, and that CP is part of us, but not ALL there is to us!"

I also thought that every teacher should read this book. Melody spoke about the impact that the good and bad teachers made on her academic career based upon their ideas of what they thought Melody could or couldn't do academically. It really impacted me as a teacher.

I HIGHLY recommend this book! I give it 5 stars, and hope everyone will grab it and read it!

OUT OF MY MIND by Sharon M. Draper

Go ahead, check it out at the library! It will be a book you'll never forget!