Back to school...

Today was our teachers' in-service day before school starts tomorrow. I've been dreading it, as usually my colleagues make me frazzled beyond belief (as those of you who've read my blog for the past several years know). But today wasn't nearly as bad as I expected. In fact, it went quite well. I had no desire to gorge on the chocolate in my bottom desk drawer. I don't know that I've ever left a department meeting feeling that relaxed.
The reason? Several new teachers. We have three first-year teachers beginning in our department, plus one student teacher. I don't know if people were just on their good behavior today or if the people who left to make room for the new teachers were that bad, but our entire dynamic has changed. I can't express how smoothly our meeting went.

I also met our new superintendent today. Again, a wonderful change. Our last superintendent insisted on being called "Doctor," while our new superintendent insists on being called by his first name. That is only one of many changes, but I think it speaks volumes about his character. As I think I've already said, I've heard great things about this man, and he lives up to the hype thus far. He seems as if he will be fair in making decisions, and he seems as if he supports the teaching staff, which is a huge change from what we had before. Plus, he's working to allow us to wear jeans on paydays...can't complain about that, right?

I'm really optimistic about this year. I'm feeling very prepared for all my classes. I feel good about both my department and my administration. And there are some younger people in my department, so I finally have teachers my own age to interact with. Plus, in a few short months, I will be a Mrs. Anonymous.

When the stress of the first few weeks hits me, someone please remind me to look back at this post. I really hope I don't end up eating my words...(gah!! Can't get rid of those pessimistic thoughts. Conditioned response, I suppose.)