I have given a lot of thought to my two weeks at camp this year. Every year I go to camp and pray over who He is going to have me serve beside for the week, and EVERY year, God blesses me with some AMAZING people! Camp is not EASY. You would think it would be REALLY easy. I mean, you're going to a camp to have fun, right? Well, yeah, that's true, but going to serve kids that have different needs can sometimes equal more work than a person does during any other week out of the year. It's one week out of the year where I rely on the Lord in ways that can't be put into words because I can't possibly do camp in my own flesh. And, I know that's true for everyone else who is serving in a cabin. During Term 7, Briana worked harder than any other CIA in the cabin, and blessed me IMMENSELY! I know God was even more pleased with her than I was, which made the week even better! *grin*

God paired Briana up with Becca during Term 7. As I've shared before, Becca was an AMAZING camper! Which was perfect because Briana was an AMAZING CIA! Briana's Birthday fell on Camper Arrival Day, but due to Becca's difficulty at dinner, they had to postpone her Birthday Rap. Becca was probably REALLY bummed, but she held her head high that evening, putting Becca's needs before her own. Throughout the week, Briana ate separately from the cabin with Becca and a "Third" so that Becca's stress level wouldn't be high. She didn't complain once to me about it either! It was just something that was the right thing to do for Becca. Throughout the week I would hear Briana make small comments about the Birthday Rap possibly happening later in the week, and when she did, I silently prayed it would happen because it meant a lot to her. The last couple days, Briana ate with us in the dining hall, which was really cool! And, on the last night, SHE GOT HER BIRTHDAY RAP! You have to be at camp to get it, but we have our own Birthday song out at camp, and Briana was FINALLY able to have her celebration! I was SO happy for her! *grin*

Another highlight with Briana was at the end of the week, and I told Briana what a blessing she had been all week. She didn't miss a beat and she said, "It's Him, not me." In that moment, I felt ENORMOUSLY proud of her! She has wisdom beyond her years, and God is going to use her in ways that will amaze us in years to come!

Gosh, there were so many highlights! Briana saw me right after Ronni's mouth found my arm, and she was so KIND to me. Not just nice, but KIND. She got a nurse for me, and gave me the BIGGEST hug! She's such a blessing!

The last night at our cabin meeting was what sticks out in my mind the most. As rumors were starting to fly about various things, Briana actually used her voice to stand up for someone who wasn't able to be present to talk for herself. In that moment, I was SO PROUD of her! I was her Cabin "Mom" for the week, and in that moment, I felt proud of her as if she was my own daughter! She's 18, but has maturity and wisdom of someone with more maturity than that. She's going to go on to be a voice for people who have difficulty speaking up for themselves, I really believe that!

Throughout the week, she went without sleep on various nights, was hit, had hair pulled, didn't do a lot of activities with us, ate separately, and all the while I NEVER heard her complain once! She blessed Becca in so many ways, as well as the rest of our cabin! During Say-So, she even supported another camper through an emotional time too!

Briana was an AMAZING CIA & I'm SO GLAD that God put her in my cabin! She definitely set the example in our cabin of how a CIA should work throughout the week!

I may not be her real Mom, but I tell ya what, I'M SO PROUD OF HER!