Sara (Term 7, Continued!)

Tonight I was reviewing my notes from camp, and realized that I TOTALLY forgot to post about Sara! How I forgot Sara, I don't know, but it's time to share about Sara!

Sara was in my cabin the past 3 years, and I was told during Term 6 that she wasn't coming for Term 7. My first thought was relief, and then I felt bad for thinking that. Sara is a REALLY cool kid...but she is also a challenge. Sara is Oppositional Defiant, which basically means she has great difficulty doing she is told to do. In a classroom, that is handled one way. At camp, you have to be REALLY creative with her! So, I had mixed feelings about Sara's absence.

With all that being said, you can imagine my surprise when she was at the mic during opening ceremonies for campers! Sara wasn't in my cabin though, so I was glad to see her but knew that my cabin had our own challenges ahead of us for the week! *grin*

After Becca's incident at dinner that first night, I saw Sara's staffer & CIA trying to get her to sit and eat dinner. My heart leapt for them, as I had been in that situation with Sara several times. (And, honestly, Sara had come a LONG way in the three years I had her! She went from running at meals, to sitting at meals and eating all of her food last year....then she would run.) I turned to the staffer (I had eaten already by this time) and offered to help. When Sara saw me, she went NUTS! I was hugged like crazy, and I was grinning! She's a SWEET girl! She started to run outside, and I said something to encourage her to go sit at her table. She said she wanted ME to go with her! I grinned, and my thought was, "Okay, I'll get her there, and come back to my table." Sara had other ideas!

We were almost to her table, and she started walking back toward mine. Honestly, we all thought she was headed to the door to escape, so we started running. We were WRONG though! Sara just wanted to go get my plate for me! We all started laughing! Sure enough, I stood behind Sara's chair during that meal, and ate a little more of my food.

Honestly, I felt good to help, but I wondered that first night how it was all going to work. I had my own cabin to help with, and I was actually helping another cabin! I knew I couldn't do it all week. So, I prayed. And sure enough, the week went by and I helped here and there with Sara, but God took care of it. When Sara was doing well with her CIA and I was nearby I would hide so that she wouldn't get distracted, and it worked! *grin*

There was one day at the pool Sara asked me to play with her, and I took time out to play with her. Of course, it was short because she was off to play with someone else, but that was fine. I believe that deep down inside, I'm special to Sara, because deep in my heart, Sara is special to me.