Stress Eating...

I've really enjoyed being at school the past few days. I've gotten a ton of work done, and my classroom actually looks as if it can fit students in it. I've blissfully danced around my room with the radio turned up...until today. For whatever reasons several of the other teachers were in today, and it reminded me why I eat so much during the school year.

I had a really quiet morning, but this afternoon when I got back from lunch, I was bombarded by questions and criticism. If today was any indication of what my year is going to be, it's going to be a long one. I'm hoping people are just crabby because school is starting, but i'm not feeling too optimistic.

On another note, totally related to this one, I have to rewrite my sophomore curriculum that I've worked all day for the past week or so on. I've even made all the copies I'll need for the first three weeks of school. Now I have 75 copies of three weeks of handouts and worksheets that I don't need anymore.

On a better note, I'm excited for the first day of school with kids in the building. I get so excited to meet my kids for the year and scare them with the syllabus and expectations. It's so fun to watch their reaction when I first give it out because I know what satisfaction will come at the end of the year when we accomplish all that they thought they couldn't and more.

Anyway, as schools are beginning to start, good luck to everyone!! Here's to a learning-filled and fun year!!