Today I was in a meeting all day, and I kept thinking to myself how blessed I am to work with such an AMAZING group of people. God has certainly put the right people together for such a time as this at the school I'm at! Some of the things that were discussed today were things we were seeking for two years, and it's FINALLY coming together. For the new members of our staff, they are just able to be at the starting point of some good ideas. For those of us that have been there since the building opened, today was an answer to prayer. I know for me, I was silently doing a happy dance this afternoon as our new initiatives were discussed.

It reminded me how faithful God can be, even when He can't be heard along the way. I have prayed for a lot of things since I arrived in L.S. two years ago, and some of it is now coming to pass. Along the way, I didn't ever hear Him say "No", I just didn't hear Him say anything, so I just kept talking to Him about it. Sometimes it was verbally, and sometimes it was that inner thought life that only He can know. Today, some of those prayers were answered! My faith was strengthened today in ways I can't express to you, and honestly I don't want to fully. That's between me and God.

I do want to encourage anyone who is still praying for something to come to pass. I prayed for almost two years for some things, and JUST NOW I'm seeing them come to pass. If you're waiting, keep praying. In HIS timing, it can happen. (I'm speaking to myself here too, I'm still waiting for the person God has for me!)

Today was the beginning of something great for my family here at S.V.E.! I can't wait to post throughout the year about what GREAT things are happening in our building! It's going to be one AMAZING year!!!