Every LITTLE Choice I Make Moves You....

Tonight I went to FCF, and can honestly say I walked out a different person than the gal who walked in. I guess that's easy to say, and well, that's the point of church, isn't it? To walk out changed. *grin*

I had been in a season where I was going to church and (With the exception of two weeks ago tonight) was really working at connecting with the Lord in worship. This has been difficult to me, because worship is typically the EASIEST part for me. I wasn't hating it, it was just difficult to focus. Tonight, I had a breakthrough!

Misty led worship tonight, like usual, but it was almost like God was saying, "Here, let's sing all of Shan's favorites tonight." It was SO MUCH FUN! I was focused, and it was EASY again! I LOVED IT!

One of the choruses became a favorite of mine.

EVERY LITTLE CHOICE I MAKE MOVES YOU was my favorite line. I'll be pondering it all week. *grin*

It was exactly what I needed tonight. I LOVE LIVING HERE!!!