I have been praying for a small group to join since I moved here two years ago. I had gone to a few groups, but none of them were where I was supposed to be. I just knew it. So, in July when a friend from church invited me to a group, I figured "why not?" The first night I went, there was swimming and Apples to Apples. It was a lot of fun. An added bonus was that I knew several people since I am part of the Shuttles Ministry. It was very encouraging to me.

Over the past few Tuesday nights, I have really come to love the group of people God has put in my life, and an added bonus has been that we're doing the EXCELLENCIES OF CHRIST Bible Study! For those of you that don't know it, the study was written by Allen Hood, who is my FAVORITE speaker/preacher on the Base! He isn't teaching my actual Bible Study, but the book we're using is one he wrote.

I am enjoying it, as it's challenging me, and teaching me SO MUCH from His word. Honestly, it has gripped me with how much I DON'T know in the Word. Last night I realized how little I know about various things in scripture. This doesn't sadden me though, it just makes me even more excited that God put me in this home group. I have NO doubt that God put me right where I'm supposed to be for this season of my life. *grin*

Just one more reason I know, I AM HOME.