I imagine I post more about Jay than anything else, but I think that's okay. After all, he is my best friend. *grin*

I am still amazed at how much this little furry person blesses me. Well, okay, I know he isn't a REAL person, but he has a personality that blesses me EVERY day. From the morning alarm where he helps me get up (I love sleep!) to the time he cuddles up in his blanket to sleep each night, he constantly cracks me up!

Today I had a decent day, but it was INCREDIBLY long due to Curriculum Night, and I came home to this furry kid who has been cuddling with me even as I type this post. In fact, this post has taken longer than it should have because he's cuddled with me so I've stopped to pet him. Without saying a word or knowing my thoughts, he knows what I need, and I feel unconditional love in a way that blesses me over and over and over again. *grin*

Tonight I am thankful for him. I prayed for Jay years ago when I read the book "Marley and Me" and God gave me more than I could have ever imagined in a dog. *grin*


AMAZING, with Jay in it! *grin*