Learning a Lesson the Hard Way *grin*

I'll never forget one week when I was a kid, staying at Grandma and Grandpa Springer's House in Clinton, Missouri. I loved that home, and I pretty much grew up in that house over the years. My brother and I would spend a week there in the summer, and always looked forward to it.

Today I was reminded of one day in particular on one of those trips. We were hanging out in the family room, still in our pj's, and it was late morning. I remember the room was a mess (We must have been having a grand time!) and Grandma walked in the room. She wasn't mad that the room was a mess, she just simply stated, "Let's get this room straightened and get you guys dressed. You never know who might drop by." At the time, I remember being a typical kid and thinking, "What? But we're having fun." I did it though. Grandma and Grandpa were good people, and I remember cleaning up. I had no idea who might drop by. But, for them, guests dropped by fairly regularly, I guess.

As it turns out, that was REALLY good wisdom. Today I was hanging out with a friend from IHOP-KC, and we were slated to go to a gathering here in my neighborhood. Yesterday I was a complete bum and didn't do a lick of cleaning. Now, I'm not a hoarder or anything, but will admit that the mail had piled up and you really couldn't see the top of my kitchen table. As luck would have it, the gathering was slated for later in the day, and we wound up over here for a little over an hour.

Yep, Grandma was right, you never know who might drop by. *grin*

Tonight I spent the evening cleaning the place up. While I know there are people coming over tomorrow, that isn't an excuse. My Grandma was right, I should keep a house in such a way that anyone can drop over at any time.

Lesson Learned. Thanks, Grandma!