Reading with SmilingKid *grin*

Today the highlight of my day came from one of the younger students on my caseload. I have been busy everyday during the time he comes in, so I haven't been able to read with him. (I have a student teacher, so my responsibilities have shifted slightly for a brief period of time.) Today I was excited because I didn't have ANY meetings scheduled for today. So today when SmilingKid came in, I was REALLY excited!

After our tornado drill, SmilingKid and I went to the library to get another copy of a Diary of Wimpy Kid book. (We had started the green book before the drill.) While we were walking to the library, he said something about a car. He was talking so quietly I didn't understand him. Once we got to the library, he asked the librarian about a car book. At that point, I felt like a dork because I hadn't understood what we wanted. *grin* He was an INCREDIBLY good sport though!

Upon arriving back in my classroom, we started the new book we acquired at the library. One of my FAVORITE parts of being a teacher is sitting down and reading with kids. Reading with SmilingKid was a lot of fun! The book we checked out was on trucks and I learned A LOT! We had a lot of fun, and put a bookmark in the book and will continue with it on Monday.

To be honest, I can't wait! Don't get me wrong, I'm REALLY glad the weekend is upon us. At the same time, I'm REALLY looking forward to reading with SmilingKid on Monday! *grin*