This week is turning out to be better than it was when it started. My week started really out on a stressful note, and Monday ended with me on the couch with a migraine. Fortunately, this week has gotten better each day.

Today I had TWO highlights of my day.

The first one came on email from a student's parent who has stated what an encouragement I have been to them and how they would like me to move on to middle school and high school with them. *grin* I needed that. God knew I needed that. It made me *grin* like I haven't all week.

My second highlight occurred after school. I had someone call and offer me a tutoring job! It also made me *grin* ear-to-ear as it's the sibling of a former student! I'm very excited to work with this student! I was just telling God the other day how I was missing the extra cash that comes with tutoring! *grin* Awesome!

I have one big event tomorrow, and the rest of the week is all downhill!