Another Lesson Learned *grin*

Today I had the BEST time at work. While my students already miss the student teacher that left us to go to the middle school, it felt great for them to have their regular teacher back! Honestly, it was great for me to TEACH again. I felt like I was back to my usual self!!! It was AMAZING.

As I have pondered things tonight, it wasn't that I hated having a student teacher. Honestly, I learned a LOT through having someone else do my job, and she did a good job. That being said, God taught me something incredible in the midst of it. I love my job. Period.

Sometimes being a teacher is the toughest job in the world, I really believe that. At the same time, I was reminded in the past nine weeks how much I enjoy the challenges as well as the easier parts of the job. This school year has brought it's fair share of both experiences. *grin*

Today as I entered the room, I felt at home. I'll be honest, I did miss the gal who was with us, but I felt at home again. Having her in our room was God's way of teaching me how much I love what I do, and that He created me to do this job. It felt great to stand in front of the young people and teach them again. It was also great to sit and chat with a friend at work in a way we haven't talked since school started. *grin*

I find it amazing how God brings us people and situations that teach us more than we could have learned just by someone saying something. I couldn't have gained the perspective on teaching that I have now without having a student teacher come in and do my job. He knew it would lead me to my conclusion....I FORGOT HOW MUCH I LOVE MY JOB!!! *grin*