baseball fanatic...

I'm very ambivalent when it comes to the post-season, especially this year. You see some of the most exciting games of the year during the post-season (the Detroit ALCS win, for example), but it also means the end of baseball for another year.
I love baseball...have since I was a kid. I'd watch games with my dad, quality time. I can remember sitting next to him on the couch watching the game, wearing our matching Cardinals t-shirts. He'd take me to as many games as he could, and I'd stuff myself with hotdogs and nachos, cheering whenever my dad did. I loved the entire atmosphere of the ballpark, even as a kid. I liked the smells and the people. Everything about baseball appealed to me.
Still does.
While I love seeing my Cards in the championship, I'm disappointed baseball will be over soon. I'm going to miss it.
But...Let's go, Cardi-nals!